Bathroom Remodeling Made Easy

Ok, you have made the decision: Your bathroom is in need of a face lift! The next question is “Where Do I Start”? This very simple question creates the basis for your project.

This article provides a “road map” to help you make sure your bathroom remodel is a success. By careful planning, you will save money, time and (more importantly) grief and frustration. The following issues should be determined before hiring a contractor. This way (if you are getting multiple estimates) you will have “apples for apples” estimates as each contractor will know exactly what they are bidding on.

There are numerous decisions to be made when remodeling your bathroom. These decisions will not only determine the cost of the project, but will have direct a impact on the success (or failure) of the final product. It is crucial that you spend sufficient time addressing theses issues prior to commencing work. As with any home renovation, the key is in the planning.

One of the best ways to begin planning is to draw up a simple floor plan of the bathroom space, including the size of each wall. From here, you can begin to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

Here are some basic questions you need to ask yourself:

o What is your proposed budget? If you can answer this question first, the material selection process will be much easier. Case in point: Tile (material only) is priced anywhere from $1.50 to $30.00 per square foot! Considering an average tub enclosure is around 80 sq.ft., just the price difference in tile selection can change the cost of the project by thousands of dollars.
o Are you keeping the same configuration of the bathroom as the existing layout? When moving walls or changing the layout requires framing, electrical, plumbing and drywall work. Replacing existing components (without relocation) is the most cost effective way to remodel your bathroom.
o Tub or Shower: Are you replacing the tub? Or are you converting the tub into a shower? When converting a tub into a shower, additional costs incurred will be in re-locating the plumbing drain, shower valve, building and sealing the shower pan among other things.
o Shower or Tub Enclosure: Do you want a tile or fiberglass enclosure? If it is a shower; do you want a fiberglass shower pan or tile. Prefab fiberglass units are (of course) more cost effective than tile however tile is much more aesthetically appealing.
o Tile Selection: Stone, tile (ceramic or porcelain), marble? Same tile for floor and enclosure? Any decorative tile additions? Shampoo nooks? Shower seat? Material and color choices are almost as infinite as the price points.
o Floor Covering: Using same material as tub/shower enclosure? Wood or tile base board? Wood base is more cost effective, however tile has a much classier look.
o Wall Covering: Paint, wallpaper, tile or a combination?
o Vanity Cabinet: Type of wood? Painted or stained? Low profile (31 1/2″ height) or regular (34 1/2″ height)? Master baths usually have the 34 1/2″ height while hallway or secondary bathrooms typically use the low profile cabinets.
o Vanity Top: Granite, tile, prefab unit?
o Sink: Surface mount or undermount?
o Toilet: Round or elongated? White or special color? Prices change dramatically for “designer” toilets and even the color choice can change the cost for the fixture.
o Lighting: Wall mount or recessed lighting? Re-locating lighting (requiring electrical and drywall work)? Installing or replacing exhaust fan? Keeping fixtures in the same location will (of course) save you money.
o Shower or Tub Door: Same configuration as existing (sliding or hinged)? Again, choices of doors “run the gamut” with regard to pricing.
o Replacing a Window? Retrofit or standard replacement (standard window replacement involves stucco/siding and drywall repair)?
o Bathroom Door: Replacing the existing bathroom door? Same style? Paint or stained? Hollow core or solid core? Pre-hung or replace door use existing door jamb?
o Hardware: Style and finishes for shower door, vanity cabinet knobs, sink faucet, towel bars? Pricing for fixtures changes dramatically when it comes to design and material choices.

Below are some basic space guidelines provided by the National Kitchen and Bath Association:


o 15″ (38 cm) or more of clearance space from the centerline of lavatory bowl to a wall or similar obstruction.
o 30″ (76 cm) or more of clearance space between the centerlines of double-bowl lavatories.
o At least 30″ x 48″ (76 cm x 122 cm) of clear floor space in front of the lavatory.
Toilet / Bidet
o 16″ (41 cm) from the centerline of a water closet or bidet to a wall or similar obstruction, or fixture adjacent to it.
o At least 48″ x 48″ (122 cm x 122 cm) of clear floor space in front of the water closet or bidet.

Bathtub / Shower

o Shower size large enough to comfortably use, at least 34″ x 34″ (86.36 cm x 86.36 cm).
o Tub size large enough to comfortably use.
o At least 60″ x 30″ (152 cm x 76 cm) of clear floor space in front of shower/tub.
General Information
o The bathroom entrance door swings so that it does not interfere with people in front of fixtures.
o Fixtures located so that more than two people can use the space comfortably.
o Water closet and bidet in separate compartments or shielded from entrance view.

Safety Requirements

o Non-slip flooring used throughout the space.
o Ground-fault circuit interrupter electrical receptacles used.
o Electrical switches placed away from tub or shower.
o Grab-bars at shower/tub entrance and inside enclosure.
o Tub and/or shower easy to enter and exit.
o No steps at the tub or shower.
o Safety glazing on glass used for shower doors.
o Shower door swings into bathroom, not into shower enclosure.
o Bench/seat included in shower enclosure.
o Pressure balanced water control valves used in shower.
o Temperature regulating water control valves used in shower.

Storage Requirements

o Adequate counter or shelf space around lavatory.
o Adequate storage for grooming equipment, toiletries, linens, etc., 15″ – 48″ (38 cm – 122 cm) above the floor.
o Towel bars /rings located within reach of fixtures.
o Bathroom linen and paper product storage space provided.
o Storage space for shampoo and such in the shower/tub area, between 15″ to 48″ (38 cm – 122 cm) above the floor.

Mechanical System Requirements

o An efficient ventilation system is part of the plan.
o Bathroom heating system will keep the space comfortably warm.
o Task lighting provided at every functional area.

In closing, remodeling your bathroom is an exciting endeavor and one (with proper planning) which can provide you and your family with years of enjoyment; not to mention improving the value and re-sale potential of your home.

Looking for auto insurance quotes for a used car compare repair insurance too

You’ve seen the late at night commercials, gotten a notices in the mail or your email about repair insurance. Most people ignored the message. But if you buy a used car, it is not a bad idea to look into Repair insurance or Mechanical Breakdown insurance. Think of repair insurance as an extended warranty program for your used vehicle. This is one way you can keep repair costs for a new to you vehicle at a minimum.

If you are buying a ‘Certified Pre-owned Vehicle’ from the manufacturer then it is customary to get an extended factory warranty. The manufacture warranties for pre-owned vehicles are generally a good deal. Purchasing a repair policy when you already have a good factory extended warranty is probably redundant. However, take the time to review that policy and see if there are any major repairs that are not covered like the electrical system or brakes. Many repair insurance policies let you choose what parts of the car you want to cover, kind of like a buffet. Therefore, you can get a policy that fills in the gap of your factory warranty. In addition, you can purchase a strictly mechanical breakdown policy. This will cover the costs of roadside assistance, towing charges and rental coverage as well as the systems specified for repair such as the drive axels and associated components, or the transaxle case with associated internal systems.

If you buy a car directly from the owner, or through a catalog, online source, or smaller used car dealership then it is a good idea to consider repair insurance. If you depend on your car for your livelihood and put a lot of miles on it, then you should consider a mechanical breakdown. Again, the ala cart method of choosing what parts and options you want to cover helps you save money over time. When comparing the auto insurance quotes, look at how much is covered for the specified time or mileage. For someone who drives a lot this can be critical in making sure you have the best-priced policy to fit your needs. Understand this is not a maintenance policy; you will still have to pay out of pocket for oil changes, radiator system flush and the like. When you search different companies for cheap car insurance, inquire if they also provide repair insurance, bundling the two could save you more.

What to Eat When You First Get Braces

Getting braces is a pretty common occurrence for young people. In fact, orthodontists are able to adjust people’s teeth at younger and younger ages. When a person gets braces they may experience some soreness and tenderness in their mouth, their gums and their teeth. After getting braces you have to be careful with your choice of food so that you do not damage the braces, brackets or wiring. You have to be especially careful with what you eat immediately after you have the braces put on.


If your teeth are especially sore after you get your braces, you may want to opt for some nourishment you can get in the form of a beverage, rather than eating a food that requires chewing. Some beverages you may want to try consuming include milk shakes, smoothies, fruit juices, drinkable yogurt and milk.

Liquid Foods

Eating food that has more of a liquid consistency is a good idea to prevent you from further discomfort if your mouth is sore immediately after getting braces. Some foods that have a liquid consistency include soup, grits, porridge, oatmeal, cream of wheat, applesauce, pudding, yogurt, frozen yogurt and soft-serve ice cream.

Soft Foods

If you are craving food that seems more substantial than those that are available in a liquid form, you may want to try some soft variety of foods that can be eaten without a great deal of chewing or impact on your teeth. Soft foods include mashed potatoes, steamed vegetables such as carrots, squash, sweet potatoes, green beans and broccoli. Soft fruits such as bananas may be OK to eat as well if you are feeling up to it. Cooked beans such as brown beans, kidney beans, lentils, pinto beans and black beans are soft as well. Cooked varieties of pasta are also softer foods, but may require more chewing and should only be eaten if you are feeling very well.

Mild Temperature Foods

If your teeth are sore, they may be more susceptible to sensitivity from extreme hot or cold temperatures. If you eat soup, allow it to cool off first and avoid any drinks that contain ice.

Altered Foods

If you are really craving something that might hurt your teeth, see what you can to do alter it to make it softer for you to eat. For instance, if you are craving Frosted Mini Wheats, let them soak in milk for a while so that they become soft enough for you to easily consume.

How Lose Weight in Thighs & Legs Fast

If you consume more calories than you burn each day, your body converts the extra into fat and stores it for later use. Your body will store this excess fat in your problem zones, such as the thighs and legs. Unfortunately, save for invasive surgery, there is no way to spot-reduce fat from your body. However, you can lose fat from your entire body, resulting in weight reduction from your problem zones. To lose excess fat from your legs and thighs quickly, you must modify your diet and engage in regular physical activity.

  1. Subtract 800 calories from your daily diet. According to the American Council on Exercise, one pound of fat is comprised of 3,500 calories. Cutting 800 calories a day will result in over one and a half pounds of weight loss per week. Record the amount of calories you eat daily for one week. Add the resulting numbers and divide by seven to find your average. Subtract 800 calories a day to find your daily limit. Note that 1,200 calories is the minimum a person should consume daily. If your result is less than this, adopt 1,200 as your daily limit.
  2. Perform 30 to 60 minutes of cardiovascular exercise that targets the legs, three to five days a week. Cardiovascular exercise increases the rate at which your body burns fat during and after the workout. Additionally, targeting the muscles of your legs will create definition beneath the fat, making them appear slimmer. Examples of cardiovascular exercise that targets your legs include jogging, skipping rope, cycling, hiking and stair climbing. Vary your workouts between different forms of cardiovascular exercise to target different muscle groups continually.
  3. Increase the amount of physical activity you perform on a daily basis. Small changes will cause you to burn more calories each day, resulting in faster weight loss. Begin parking your car at the furthest parking spot when you go to work or the store and take the stairs instead of the elevator whenever possible. Additionally, on the days when you are not exercising, take a 20 to 40 minute walk to keep your muscles moving and burning fat.

The Mystic Union of the Artist and Local Tradition Displayed

The Folk Art Centre, located in Battaramulla, is the place to visit for those who love Sri Lankan handicrafts. Coconut-shell sculptures, silver jewelry, batik garments, hand-painted items, pottery and brassware are available to be purchased at quite reasonable prices. The craftsmen too are friendly and willing to talk of the crafts they love and the serenity of the shaded pathways is ideal for relaxing.


Tucked away between the shrieking colorful cities peacefully lies a safe haven of charm. As the noise of the busy everyday life fades in to the blurry distance, and the only sound you hear is the mystic whispering of the sheltering trees, the magic of olden days take shape, in green, green grass and pretty old huts, severely innocent of the dazzle and color of the abode of the present day, and you find yourself pleasantly lost in the Folk Art Complex, popularly known as the Janakala Kendraya. Here, sunny smiles will greet you every step of the way, resurrected age-old Sri Lankan handicrafts will gleam in the stalls, and emerald shade will beckon you to sit a while or rest awhile or maybe have a fine read.

The Folk Art Complex features souvenirs galore! Everything from sculptures of coconut shells, jewelry made of shining silver, colorful garments of batik make, pretty little pieces of pottery and beautiful brassware with bullion sheen will be available to take home at quite reasonable prices.

This sublime location is an ideal place to visit with children too, as the friendly craftsmen are ever willing to chat with the inquisitive souls seeking glimpses into their craft. One may also choose to silently observe the deft fingers of the silversmiths as they bring life to their creativity as intricate pieces of silver.

A visitor to the Folk Art Centre will see the many colorful facets of Sri Lankan handicrafts displayed for the common man to see. Hiding in the city of Battaramulla, this unique place is a must-visit to those who like to have a concentrated Sri Lankan experience, while grabbing a souvenir with a whiff of the wholesome life style of this country.

Reaching the Folk Art Centre is quite easy, as it is located in close proximity to Colombo, the commercial Capital of Sri Lanka travel guides will most willingly accompany tourists to the location as well. Since Sri Lanka tours often cover the city of Colombo, one cannot miss an opportunity for an arranged trip to this unique place. Upon request, the local tour companies too will arrange visits to Folk Art Centre. Out of the many established tour companies in Sri Lanka, Jetwing Travels is in the lead, with their strong credentials in the hospitality industry in Sri Lanka, and provide many options to their customers with tours covering all the fascinating facets of the Pearl of the Indian Ocean.

The Best Dresses for Pear-Shaped Women

A woman with a pear-shaped figure has narrow shoulders, a relatively small bust, tapered waist and comparatively large hips and thighs. If you have a pear-shaped figure, shop for a dress that accents your upper body and draws the eyes away from the hips and thighs to create an illusion of balance.

Neckline Highlights

A dress that highlights the neckline, such as a halter dress, will draw the eye to your slender neck and shoulders. The bottom part of the dress should skim over your hips and thighs, not cling to them.

Empire Waist

A dress with an empire waist and a fitted bodice draws the eye to the petite upper body of a pear-shaped woman. The skirt should flare only slightly or hang straight with little volume.

Strapless or Spaghetti Straps

Strapless dresses or spaghetti-strap dresses give the illusion of broader shoulders and thus balance out the body so your figure looks less bottom-heavy.

Embellished Tops

A dress with an embellished bodice and a plain skirt puts the emphasis above the waist and minimizes your fuller hips and thighs.

Snug Waistline

A dress that caresses your waist and flares out slightly at the hips creates the flattering look of an hourglass figure. Take care that the waist is not too tight.

Amidst the Golden Sand Dunes – Jaisalmer Hotels

Jaisalmer is the Golden City of Rajasthan, with its sandstone monuments and its golden setting amidst the sands of the Thar Desert. The lovely sandstone Jaisalmer Fort, Jaisalmer Palace, and attractive Havelis (palatial family residences) make Jaisalmer hot tourists spot. Jaisalmer has a rich Jain heritage and several Jain temples.

Heritage Hotels

Heritage hotels give you a taste of the local cultures and traditions, luxurious facilities and fine service as they are small enough to offer personalized attention. Here are a few Heritage Hotels in Jaisalmer.

Garh Jaisal

Nothing defines Jaisalmer like the beautiful sandstone Jaisalmer fort, at the heart of the city. Inside this fort is the Garh Jaisal Hotel, offering fine accommodations and panoramic views. The hotel is located 3 km from the airport and 4 km from the Railway Station.


This Heritage Hotel has seven rooms with comfortable facilities and tasteful decorations with a traditional flavor. All rooms have attached bath with hot water, king size bed, rich wood furniture, and comfortable window seats offering enchanting views of the fort and the surroundings.


The Rooftop Restaurant offers fine traditional fare.

Other Facilities and Services

The hotel showcases exquisite ethnic creations by local artisans – embroidery work, mirror work, blankets and rugs and stone craft.

Other facilities include Doctor-on-Call, travel desk, camel safaris/jeep safaris to the desert, car rental services and Ayurvedic spa and airport/railway station pick up and drop facilities.

Killa Bhawan

Hotel Killa Bhawan is a collection of three houses built into the Jaisalmer fort walls. The grand setting and the magnificent view of the city from the three terraces alone should make this an attractive option for a few days stay. The hotel lies 1.5 km from the airport and 2 km from the railway station.


The hotel has nine rooms all decorated in delicate shades of crimson and orange to blend in with the colors of the surrounding desert – AC and Non-AC Heritage Rooms and Suites. All rooms have fine, comfortable handcrafted furnishings, attached or common bath with hot and cold running water and room service.


Restaurant: Multi-Cuisine Restaurant offers traditional Rajasthani and Indian food.

Other facilities

Doctor-On-Call, Laundry Service, Internet Access, Nature Walk, Airport/Railway Station pick up and drop, Bonfire Nights, Travel Desk, Camel and Jeep Safaris and Car Hire Services are provided in this hotel.

Heritage Jaisalmer Hotels offer hospitality from an ethnic perspective, adding to your experience of the city. The two heritage hotels listed above, with their location inside the landmark Jaisalmer Fort, can give you an idea of what Rajasthan and particularly Jaisalmer is all about. Explore more heritage hotel options while planning your tour of Jaisalmer.

Cause Damage Dry Touch

So to get back to refit sources and one of the best sources have are these omega-3 fatty acids Sam and Billie fatty fish and flax seed and flax seed your break you can sprinkle them on anything on and they’re really easy to digest and if you don’t like eating fatty fish like the taste official count is happening tale when you explain it like that it really does make sense at what you eat on the inside is going to fact how you are downtown absolutely and that’s.

Why we really need to key healthy fats and United I’ll always say to you know how not all fat is bad for example avocados on great source of Milan saturated fatty that a fact it’s really helpful to hydrate your skin avocados are also great source of vitamin E B&K which also help nurture scare kickback slow-going rollicking and you said knots are a good source of healthy fat are those on the list here at Salinas on is actually where the best source is a vitamin E vitamin in particular helps nourish your skin and also helps prevent UV rays from causing a lot of damage that’s why you see by David you know a lot of skin products as well you can eat it too to make a big difference I’m glad to have knows everybody glamor salad than anything you want their Greek now greens we know they’re nutritious are they helping us can lies now they are in deep gap I mean spinach for example has a Valium minerals and vitamins on and really can actually.

Pretty quickly bring your dry itchy skin and tone it down a notch in and nourish your skin get back logo nag on and selling actions tiny firsthand how you know she said her client to drink spinach juice and eat a lot but it’s got allot of relief right gets out the greens are the way to go greens are tapping the way to go yes picking up grains also I have cucumber here and salary which contains select which is crucial mineral house a few last this city for your skin and also combats dryness cell there’s allotted ways you can get think that your diet alright sounds that’s really our actual outcomes.

well during the winter months the cold weather outside in the dry heat inside can really take a toll on your skin here now with some tips on how to winterize your skin to keep it looking miracle phytoceramides fresh and hydrated are world-renowned ever tell just after Katie Rodin and doctor Kathy.

How to Slim a Pear-Shaped Body

Pear-shaped women tend to have unbalanced upper and lower body–with the upper part smaller and the lower part of the body larger. The hips are usually wider than the shoulders and weight gain is apparent below the waist. Pear-shaped women usually have flat stomachs, small chest and a small waist. The main concern in slimming a pear-shaped body is to lessen the fat around the thighs, hips and butt. This may be done with proper exercise to tone the lower body and appropriate clothing to create the illusion of a slimmer figure.


  1. Focus your exercise on balancing the top and bottom half of the body, particularly slimming down the lower body. Choose exercises that will burn as many calories as possible. Do cycling or running, as these help burn more fat on the lower part of the body. Walk for 20 minutes in the morning and another 20 minutes in the evening. Jump rope for 20 minutes in the afternoon. Do aerobic exercise for at least 45 minutes a day.
  2. Engage in weight training to build your upper body and make your lower body look smaller. Lift weights to build muscle mass in the upper body. Choose “light” weights and lift them for 15 to 20 repetitions. Include resistance exercises that work out the lower body in your exercise program.
  3. Dress your pear-shaped body appropriately. Wear button-down clothes, V-necks, slim-fitting tops and clothing with an A-line silhouette. When shopping for clothes make sure that the length of the top falls just below the hipbone. Include layering in your dressing style to create visual balance between the larger and smaller part of the body.

Tips & Warnings

  1. Wear simple and structured bottoms to create the illusion of longer legs. Pants should be free of detail. Fabric should be stretchable and must skim along the contour of the thighs.
  2. If you can afford to hire a personal trainer, do so. A personal trainer can greatly help in balancing the lower and upper body more expediently.
  3. Don’t be scared of weight lifting. Just remember not to lift weights that are too heavy; you will know that the weight is light enough if you can lift it 15 to 20 times without getting too tired.

Fitness Mat Reduces Pain During Stressed Exercises

Exercises play a vital role in determining the fitness and longevity of a human body. With the introduction of newer gadgets and gym instruments people nowadays have found workouts to be easier and enjoyable. One can find numerous ways and location to workout. Exercising indoor has been in latest trend and has been helpful in shedding weight without spending much on gym admission and traveling. People prefer joining gym classes for better guidance and facilities. Yoga classes are even another means towards building a healthy body and mind. These sessions allow for complete development of the body.

As the entire exercise process is done on the floor, so for the purpose of protecting both the floor from damage and your body from getting hurt, Fitness mat is wise an investment. A mat imparts a number of benefits starting form shielding the floor to providing grip. It prevents the carpet in the house or gym from wear and tear from regular exercising. You tend to sweat during workout therefore this mat keep the sweat away from carpet and if the floor is wooden, it do not make it slippery from sweat enabling you to maximize your effort when holding poses without worrying about slipping over.

There is a variety of gym mats that can be found ensuring better safety and comfort needed during daily exercise in turn yield faster results for the people. The Fitness mats can be highly essential during yoga practice as yoga involves holding poses which involve putting stress on the joints. Thus the cushioning of these mats will absorb certain impact and reduce pain, this helps in concentrating more towards the training or session. The yoga or exercise mat come in various materials of which rubber and PVC are popularly used. People ask for those materials as they provide traction when holding a particular pose, can be easily maintained and cleaned by just simply wiping it off. Some of the popular mats are also a perfect blend of natural rubber and jute.

Most of the people use mats barefoot, which makes more important to select a range of material that feels good when stepped on. If the mat is comfortable it is obvious that people are able to work out with the best possible posture. With the increase in comfort levels of the mats you will be getting desired results sooner as you will be exercising effectively.